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Automotive, Frontend

Be part of the future mobility! For an exciting project in the context of electric vehicle charging we are looking for a frontend developer with 2+ years of experience to support and secure the growth of an automotive platform in this emerging, high-potential market.

P3 digital services is focused on developing intelligent solutions for international clients.


  • You get company support for your personal professional growth plan
  • You can boost your potential with a flexible schedule or days when you work from home
  • You benefit from premium medical care package
  • You can reach your wellbeing goal by using the 7card subscription
  • Bookster, extra vacation days


  • Deep understanding of Javascript and cross-browser web development
  • Handles and uses front end frameworks (ReactJS, Angular, Tue, Svelte) fluently to build professional UIs following a design specification (mockups in Figma and such)
  • Masters at least one big UI Library like Material UI
  • First-class Typescript knowledge including awareness of type-safety and utilization of compile-time tooling
  • Recognizes and establishes separation of concerns regarding component splitting (Pure UI, Stateful)
  • Puts re-usability and standards in the center of each architecture or refactoring decision
  • Profound understanding of API/HTTP communication
  • Very good understanding of browser internals like caching, DOM, rendering, Javascript performance
  • Hands-on testing mentality paired with a deep know-how of testing utils and methods (unit, end 2 end)
  • Strong module thinking and ability to understand and design complex solution landscapes
  • Rough understanding of code bundling/splitting
  • Preferably design affinity and notion of „responsive“ layouts


  • Strong analytical skills and ability to propose improvements on existing structures or completely new ideas
  • Ready for sharing and absorbing knowledge (Pair coding, Coaching, Communicating)
  • Agile DNA: Working in a sprint-based manner in small teams to deliver value quickly and iteratively


In case you don’t have prior experience in working with mobile technologies, but you are eager to learn, you have the chance to sign up for our internship program (for more details you can contact us here).

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    Automotive, Frontend

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