Creating memories together @ Belgrade Christmas Party

Koray Sen

At the beginning of December, we honoured the invitation of our colleagues from Serbia and joined them for the Serbian Christmas Party. But it was more than that: We had the opportunity to discover the colours, history, culture, sounds and tastes of one the more alive cities of the Balkans: Belgrade.

From Cluj-Napoca to Belgrade we traveled by bus and it was a great opportunity to get to know more about each other beyond work and also to strengthen relationships. Once we arrived in Belgrade, the first activity in the program was to visit the P3 offices. It was a valuable experience to meet our colleagues form Serbia face-to-face and reinforce our relationship. We were surprised with Christmas gifts prepared especially for us. We tasted local food – pljeskavica and enjoyed the atmosphere of a small local bar. The day ended according to everyones preference. One group attended the FIFA football game between Red Star Belgrade and FC Cologne and the other group explored the city by night.

The 8th of December was the Christmas Party day. In the morning we took a guided tour of Belgrade. We discovered it’s tempestuous history, diverse culture and overall lifestyle. Having lunch together in one of the old restaurants of the city, was a great opportunity to taste the flavours of Serbian food. Afterwards, some of us rested for a little bit and got ready for the party and some of us ended up visiting the Tesla Museum which was an interactive experience about Tesla’s past as well as our technological future.

The Christmas Party organized by our colleagues from Belgrade was a successful and fun event. In the opening ceremony the achievements of the year were presented. Then, Mr. Hakan Ekmen, one of the P3 Group co-founders added value to the event and rewarded the employees for their input and engagement with business objectives for the year ahead. Good food and excellent music were the perfect ingredients for a memorable Christmas Party.

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