Meet P3 at Codecamp 2018

Ionuț Șimon

Codecamp is the first nation-wide IT Conference in Romania, and most likely, the biggest one. In the 12 years since starting, Codecamp created an amazing community around them, bringing together companies, startups and IT professionals. This year’s edition took place on November 24th, 2018 in Cluj-Napoca, the Romanian city in Transylvania that serves as one of the most important IT hubs in its residing country.

P3 digital services is delighted to be among Codecamp’s Diamond partners, participating to exhibitions and brining our best speakers to host presentations on some of the most trending topics in tech.

Marius Mailat, CTO of P3 DS and Google Developer Expert on Android since 2015, spoke about the idea of Demystifying Artificial Intelligence, or shortly known as AI. His speech seeks to provide an answer to the question of whether AI is just about code or if there is anything else that needs to be taken into consideration. In brief, Marius tries to put emphasis on the importance of AI in our industry but also on the dangers of overusing it, giving tips on when it makes sense to integrate AI-based solutions and when it does not. Below is an abstract of his talk:

“Artificial Intelligence is nowadays one of the hottest topics since the rise of the Internet. But ever wondered what you can actually do using AI? From a developer point of view, does traditional code still play a vital role in AI, or is there more to it than meets the eye? What is the difference between AI and traditional coding, and to what extent can we use it before resorting to AI? Marius will walk you through the easiest ways to start with AI using Cognitive Services and present you some of the capabilities of this technology. You will learn how to easily build AI-enabled systems on local mobile devices, create use cases that involve AI more efficiently and understand the possibilities and limitations of AI on local devices. Marius’ presentation will bring clarity to the following topics: – When does it make sense to use AI? – What do we solve with AI? – How do I start with AI? (DEMO: implement a face recognition app using MLKit and TensorFlow Lite) – Will machine intelligence rule the world and kill me?”

In terms of numbers, Codecamp meant a total of 10 tracks, more than 60 talks, over 2200 tickets sold, and a staggering amount of 74,800 Facebook event reach. The QR contest hosted at our booth reached a total number of over 350 registered participants and those who won were rewarded with interesting gadgets to compensate for their participation efforts!

We wholeheartedly thank Codecamp for making this event possible and definitely look forward to participating again in the future.

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