Meet P3 digital services team at MobOS conference in February

Marius Mailat

The P3 digital services team is up for February round of conferences and eager to meet you at Mobile Operating Systems Conference 2015. MobOS was the first mobile conference in Transylvania, its 1st edition is being held between 21-22 of November 2013 in Cluj-Napoca.

Marius Mailat, our CTO and starting with 2015 Google Developer Expert – Android, will take part with one presentation: “Android Forensics, how the Police investigates your device”.

Here are some snippets from his presentation:

Ever wondered how the Police is analyzing the communication traces on a criminal case? My trips in the latest years brought me in contact with companies in security area from Russia, China, Germany and even Malaysia. Teaching Android Internals for national security agencies forced me to align the Android Internals knowledge with the forensics on Android devices.

I will demo how the Android Internals are constructed and how and what a policemen can extract from an Android device. I will demo the way you can hack your way into a phone internal structure using the built in features in Android platform like: Binder, Kernel architecture, file system, ADB.

The presentation will be backed-up by a practical lab where we analyze live a device from audience.

Feel free to pass by our booth and meet our team.

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