P3 digital services is inviting you at Droidcon Eastern Europe 2013 in Bucharest

Marius Mailat

Droidcon Eastern Europe is biggest regional event dedicated to Android developers and also the place where you have the opportunity to take part at some first runs on the Eastern Europe and Romanian market. Find out in just 2 days which are the most important news and trends in apps development, monetization strategies, security for mobile apps, design and so on.

We invite you to join us between 7-8 October at Droidcon Bucharest. Come an talk to us. You can find us also with the following presentations:

  • Our head colleges will present in the first day of the conference, the session – Efficient REST client applications on Android, based on the experience on developing the streaming app Zonga.
  • Cristian Man, our managing partner will socialize with you all and seek partners and collaboration. Ask him to give you a visit card and a sticker with “I love to code Android!” 🙂 .
  • Our co-founder Marius Mailat – CTO Appsrise, will join us from Düsseldorf, Germany. Marius will develop with you in a workshop on the theme: How secure is an Android app?

Not sure how we look like, check our team page.

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