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Marius Mailat

P3 digital services GmbH acquired Appseleration GmbH and will focus on new products and technologies


The new Düsseldorf P3 digital services GmbH acquired the mobile unit of Appseleration GmbH and will focus on new products and technologies, being backed up by an international partner and by cost efficient app development.

Appseleration GmbH was founded in 2010 and offered services along the whole value chain of the lifecycle of a mobile application. This includes an established consultancy service for creating the perfect mobile strategy, the final concept and screen design, in-house development and project management, promotional campaigns, lifecycle management as well as app store and portfolio management. As a result of a too fast growth in the company and the lost of a premium client, a tensional financial situation appeared which leaded to the insolvency proceeding at the end of 2013.

In the process of finding a German strategic partner and investor, P3 digital services GmbH proved to be the best solution. Having on-board Thomas Carlitz and Marius Mailat from the previous management team of Appseleration and also the native core team of developers and assets secured, Apprise GmbH will continue to provide the same quality of services for the existing clients. The founder of Appseleration GmbH, Dr. Ralf Lauterbach, will use this transitions for a new personal orientation towards his role as partner of the 1stMover incubator.

The main focus of P3 digital services GmbH will remain native mobile applications for the major smartphone platforms in the fields: multimedia, audio streaming, video and book content, machine-2-machine applications and mobile security products.

Thomas Carlitz, P3 digital services GmbH CPO is sure that: „With the help of our development center in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, we are able to develop projects using the latest technologies, quality proofed and cost optimized technologies.“

Marius Mailat, P3 digital services GmbH CTO added: „In only 2 months we steer the team in the new direction of developing our own products and using new technologies in existing and new projects. The first results are already visible, one of our team members received a Bosch Innovation award for a Robot controller and the whole team is nominated twice with the app readfy at the Best-of-Mobile Award.„

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