Vodafone Stiftung nominated by BDP

Marius Mailat

Appsrise has just extended the app Vodafone Stiftung with a social media connection on Facebook and Twitter, as we have been informed about the nomination for the “Press office of 2013”. The Federal Association of German Press Spokesmen (BDP) awards an annual prize for outstanding communication departments.

Vodafone Stiftung is currently shortlisted in the category ‘Associations/NGOs’. The reason for this success is the policy paper ‘Tuition for the Education Package’, which was published by Vodafone Stiftung in February 2013.

For publication, the organization also uses the mobile application Vodafone Stiftung. We are delighted for the Stiftung, congratulate them for this great nomination and will keep our fingers crossed for 26 and 27 September, when the project is to be presented in Berlin.

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